Drawing Circle without seeing scroll bars


Draw circle, of different sizes

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What do you want to achieve?

I want to get rid of scroll bars inside circle

What have you tried so far?

lv_obj_set_style_radius(T1, LV_RADIUS_CIRCLE, 0);
lv_obj_set_size(T1, 45, 45);

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lv_obj_set_style_radius(T1, LV_RADIUS_CIRCLE, 0);
lv_obj_set_size(T1, 45, 45);
The above works, but if I change size to anything else like 40,40, I see inside 
my circle (which has white background) a vertical, and horizontal scroll bars.
Why am I getting these scroll bars ? 
If what I am doing is correct then maybe my question should be:
 How do I get rid of auto scrolling in objects.

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Scrollbars appear when a child object is larger than its parent object. They can be disabled for an object by using:
lv_obj_set_scrollbar_mode(lvgl_object_name, LV_SCROLLBAR_MODE_OFF);

Yes, this works.
However, it appears that LV_SCROLLBAR_MODE_OFF only makes scrollbars disappear, but does NOT stop object from scrolling (for example by hand).
Here I created a window object, and near the bottom edge I placed a label. I used LV_SCROLLBAR_MODE_OFF, and yes, no scrollbars visible, but I can swipe the window up/down with my finger on touch screen:

_main_panel = lv_obj_create(lv_scr_act());
lv_obj_set_size(_main_panel, 800, 480);
lv_obj_set_pos(_main_panel, 0, 0);

lv_obj_set_style_bg_color(_main_panel, (lv_color_t)LV_COLOR_MAKE(128, 128, 128), 0);  
lv_obj_set_scrollbar_mode(_main_panel, LV_SCROLLBAR_MODE_OFF);

lv_obj_t * label1 = lv_label_create(_main_panel);
lv_label_set_text(label1, "Hello");
lv_obj_set_size(label1, 100, 50);
lv_obj_set_pos(label1, 10, 450);

Maybe besides LV_SCROLLBAR_MODE_OFF , there is another method to prevent the actual scrolling.