Docking widget template

Lately having dockable widget windows has become quite popular for apps with property tabs etc so I was thinking a Docking widget might be cool to have. Since we have been discussing decreasing the number of unique widgets I figured it could probably be done using a style template instead. Using the drag behavior, snapping, and a grid should let you make a window with a header bar that has all the functionality of a dockable layout.

I don’t know how you would make a drag-able resize behavior without a lot of extra code though. If there is enough interest in making resizeable windows it might be useful to add that behavior into LVGL.

Just to be sure we are talking about the same thing can you show an example for a “dockable widget windows”?

Visual studio for instance has dockable panels. Basically each widget is on it’s own container and can be dragged around resized and snapped to edges. It is extremely useful for applications with multiple panels or a dashboard. I don’t think snapping or auto resizing is that important but clicking an edge and manually resizing is nice.

Like a home automation controller where you can rearrange different controls. Or A weather station and you can rearrange the different gauges and graphs. It gives users of an interface a degree of customization.

This wouldn’t need to be it’s own widget just a style template with 1 container/screen and multiple smaller containers set to be draggable. By adding a header and a close button to the corner of each container you would essentially have a desktop window.

Ah got it! Sounds interesting.

It seems like a typical example widget in our new approach.