Del Anim Style v6

I used a style animation.

to finish the animation
lv anim_del (&sf, NULL) does not return true.

    // Animate the new style
lv_style_anim_set_styles(&sf, &style_roller_anim, &style_roller, &style_roller_bg);
lv_style_anim_set_time(&sf, 500, 500);
lv_style_anim_set_repeat(&sf, 500);

     // Delete Anim
     if(lv_anim_del(&sf, NULL) == true)  {
            printf("DEL OK\n");
    else {
          printf("DEL Anim - Erro\n");


It’s because lv_anim_del waits the animated variable as its first parameter. This way lv_anim_del can be used e.g. to remove the lv_obj_set_x animation form a variable.

In case of style animations the animated variable is an internal structure so lv_anim_del can’t be used directly.

As workaround you can do this:

lv_anim_del(sf.var, NULL)