Crash when using text entry w/ keyboard


I am using the built-in keyboard and text entry widgets. Pressing Enter on the keypad and then pressing Backspace causes a segfault. More specifically, if you type some text press Enter and then Backspace - voila! You have crash. If you type no text, press Enter, then Backspace again - no crash. If you type no text Press Enter twice and then Backspace - again, a crash. I think the issue lies with the lv_textarea_del_char call. I tried using the debugger, but it doesn’t crash there. In 100% of the cases I’ve seen or heard of, where a C or C++ program runs fine in the debugger but fails when run outside, the cause has been writing past the end of a function local array. Our project is pretty big/complex so at this point upgrading to lvgl 8 is probably not feasible. If anyone can point me in the right direction for a solution or towards the root cause I’d really appreciate it.

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