Could there be a pre-compiled version of lvgl?

It always costs too much time on compiling so many c source files. If a pre-compiled version could be published, just like stemwin or some other gui libs, most of compiling time could be saved.

We don’t provide precompiled binaries because there are many configuration options that often need tweaks for different platforms. Additionally, we support many different architectures and don’t have the bandwidth to provide binaries for all of them.

What part of the compilation process takes a long time for you? Maybe that can be optimized.

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Thanks. Yes, the bandwidth and storage should be problems. One binary lib costs several megabytes. But there may be several hundreds of different configurations.
So could you please provide some scripts instead? To use which we can build our own precompiled binaries.
Maybe I could do it myself, but I think it’ll cost lots of time.

Scripts have a similar problem. There are three OSes to support along with different compiler toolchains (IAR, GCC, etc.).

I think a general step-by-step tutorial at least about GCC would be helpful.