Could i ask how to solve this question when this error occur?


and this

and the screen is dead when these occur.

It’s a memory corruption in some form. Probably you are writing out of bounds in an array.

IS the code snippet to reproduce the issue?

I don’t konw why ,is the LVGL memory not enough to cause this problem?

LVGL’s memory manager should be very stable, we have use it a lot even in extreme stress cases and it never failed so far.

It can be an out of memory issue too. Please increase LV_MEM_SIZE and enable all LV_USE_ASSERT_...s.

I have tried to increase LV_MEM_SIZE,but it 's not valid. then what 's LV_USE_ASSERT_…, they’re these?

after enabling all LV_USE_ASSERT_... s, what can i see?


How do you mean not valid?

LVGL should stop in a while(1) loop if an internal error ocurres.

You should also enable logging to make it easier finding issues.

After enabling all LV_USE_ASSERT_... s, the screen change very slowly,i really can’t tolerate it. Colud you tell me what the reasons are probably?

Although i increase LV_MEM_SIZE,the the error is still existing,when it occurs the screen is still dead. :smiling_face_with_tear:

I stll receive this error after i enable LV_USE_ASSERT_MEM_INTEGRITY…i also don’t receive other warmings about this error.

Maybe better is locate your code , what produce problem instead assert labs…

If the asserts didn’t help, then without a code example I can’t really tell more.

As @Marian_M suggested try to comment out parts of your code to find when it starts to work.