Compilation error with newest git version of lv_micropython

Hi Amir,
I just tried to rebuild the newest version of lv_micropython, and I get a build error on the unix port:
…/…/lib/lv_bindings/lvgl/src/misc/lv_mem_builtin.c:47:8: error: unknown type name ‘lv_tlsf_t’
and quite a few implicit declaration errors like
error: implicit declaration of function ‘lv_tlsf_create_with_pool’
I cloned lv_micropython, lv_bindings and lvgl and built everything from scratch.

Hello Uraich,

which port / board are you trying to build ?

I tried the Unix port and the esp32 port and have problems with both. The original message concerns the Unix port (in fact I specify “unix port”).
On the ESP32 port I get in lv_draw_mask.h:
error: ‘LV_DRAW_SW_CIRCLE_CACHE_SIZE’ undeclared here

Hi Uli!

On lv_micropython we have GitHub Actions CI workflows that run automatically every time a change is committed.

You can see the state of the CI at the beginning of the README file and as you can see, the unix, stm32, esp32 and rp2 ports were built without errors. The unix pipeline even runs tests.

Screenshot from 2022-07-19 22-27-25

Did you update all git submodules recursively?

lv_micropython might not work with latest LVGL v9 development. LVGL v9 is a new major version with breaking changes. But LVGL git submodule on lv_micropython is aligned to the last version that works correctly with lv_micropython. So the newest version of lv_micropython doesn’t necessarily mean the newest version of LVGL.

Thanks Amir!
This explains my problems. I had updated lvgl to the latest master. Using the sub-modules, as you explained, removes the compilation problems.
Everything is fine now!