Command window continuosly opens and closes, unresponsive

Hi, very excited for this release.

I have just installed and run the software, unfortunately for me the command line continuosly pops open and closes, maybe every 20s. When it opens it takes complete focus of windows and also Edgeline becomes unresponsive for a few seconds.

There is nothing displayed in the command line window for (micropython.exe).

I have noticed this does not happen at startup, only when a screen is added to a project



started making a video to showcase the problem and now it appears to have resolved itself…

It’s a sign that micropython.exe crashes but it shouldn’t on a simple screen create.

Is it possible that your anti-virus software didn’t let the micropython.exe run?

Possibly, I changed nothing and it just started working. I am using the default windows protection.

I encountered the same thing if I had an error, eg tried to look up a variable that didn’t exist