Color Picker and Rotary Encoder issue

Hi guys,
I’ve been learning how to use this API and I’m so happy with it. I’ve been trying to build a controller device for a home automation system using an ESP32 board, 2.8 TFT and Rotary encoder.

This has been a very interested learn process. However, I’ve run in a problem with the color picker and the rotary encoder.

I could use my rotary encoder with other widgets in the group, like buttons, sliders, etc, however when I try to use a color picker widget (RECT or DISC mode), although I could navigate through it, I could not enter in the edit mode of the widget. Does anybody have the same problem? I’ve been searching in the documentation and trying different examples and the problem persists.

I’m using the last 7.11.0 LVGL version for Arduino.

Part of my code:


   indev_drv.type = LV_INDEV_TYPE_ENCODER;
   indev_drv.read_cb = read_encoder;
   lv_indev_t * indev = lv_indev_drv_register(&indev_drv);

Color picker:

    cpicker = lv_cpicker_create(screenMain, NULL);
    lv_cpicker_set_type(cpicker, LV_CPICKER_TYPE_RECT);
    lv_cpicker_set_color_mode_fixed(cpicker, true);
    lv_obj_set_size(cpicker, 200, 30);
    lv_obj_align(cpicker, NULL, LV_ALIGN_CENTER, 0, 0);


  lv_group_t * g = lv_group_create();
  lv_group_add_obj(g, cpicker);
  lv_indev_set_group(indev, g);

Thank you so much

So guys, I’ve tried to force the group from the encoder and the color pick to edit mode and I could move the knob left or right with the encoder. Although I could move it, the click does not change the color picker mode to hue or saturation… However, if I do the double click, it resets to the initial color (as normal). Is anything wrong with the single click signal in this color picker for encoder drive? Does anybody have the same problem? Thank you so much

   lv_group_set_editing(g, true);

Hey guys, any idea? help?

Hi guys, made some tests. It looks like the color picker does not enter nor exit from edit mode with clicks. Any ideas? The problem persists with a keypad