Chart: scroll/pan data

As I’ve been working with the chart, I have come to realize it would be very nice if the series area could be scrolled/panned. This is useful when you have a lot of data, and it becomes hard to see due to limited screen size.
I will give an example based on the x axis, but this could apply to either axis.
Let’s say you have 1000 data points, and your x-axis labels are 0-1000 as well. 0 is on the far left, 1000 on the far right.
So for example, if you set the series area to be twice as many pixels wide as the chart - now it shows 500 on the far left, 1000 on the far right, and swiping right would reveal more data (0-500, but you could scroll around to show any 500 points).
So the chart background and the x-axis labels would scroll, but the y-axis would not move.
The data itself is the same, just effectively zoomed by a factor of 2.
The y-axis would be the same idea.
You could also apply this to both axes at same time.
So the series area size would be independent of the chart size (but must be equal to or larger, and the default would of course be equal, which would be equivalent to how it works now).
Hopefully I explained this in a way that makes sense.

I found an example to show what I mean (this is scrolling on the x-axis):


We have already discussed this feature a few times here and there but thinking about it I’ve just realized that the new scrolling mechanism of v8 makes it quite easy to implement.

It also makes it possible to zoom into the data. We only need to calculate the ticks and their text for a virtually larger axis.

So it seems to me the user should be able to set

  1. zooming factor
  2. series area size at zoom = 1

cc @Ali_Rostami