Can't compile project stm32f469_disco_no_os_sw4stm32 in MDK

Hi , the project below is not ready for now, isn’t it?

As I clone the latest project and latest lvgl( [lvgl @ 27db08e]), but I can’t compile the project.

.disp_fill or .disp_map can’t find in the newest version of lvgl. seems in lv_hal_disp.h --> lv_disp_drv_t.

I am new here, can anyone give me some suggestions? Thanks~

May be there are some miss matches between the project and the latest version of lvgl.

I can find some port template files in the lvgl folder, seems different with previous porting steps.:joy:


you can find the latest github repository of @kisvegabor for the stm32f469 disco. You can try again with the latest repo. If you can find any issue depend on the latest updated repo for your problem or if you can find any other problem for f469 disco, please inform this forum.

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Yeal, I tried. I can see the new changes. Thanks~
But another problem, hdsi_eval multiply defined in stm32469i_discovery_lcd.c and tft.c.

I try this project in MDK, I am not sure if stm32469i_discovery_lcd.c is used under ac6.

By the way, there are also some warnings.

  1. where is the benchmark_create();
    …\Src\main.c(45): warning: #223-D: function “benchmark_create” declared implicitly

2.unused var
…\hal_stm_lvgl\tft\tft.c(100): warning: #550-D: variable “y1_flush” was set but never used

3.this may be compiler issue.
I got hundres of warnings of this type.

@kisvegabor Pinging. :slight_smile:

where is the benchmark_create();

Here it is:

unused var

It can be removed then

this may be compiler issue.

Is it possible that Keil handles enums as signed int?

Yes, it is.

Then it’s caused because LV_OPA_... are declared as an enum and interpreted as signed numbers. But lv_opa_t is uint8_t. See here.

A solution could be to add (lv_opa_t) cast to every use of LV_OPA_.... However the same warning will occur if you use style.bpdy.opa = LV_OPA_COVER in your app.

Turning the enums to defines would be the trivial solution but it should remain enum because the Micropython binding can’t parse defines.