Announcing Micropython availability for LVGL version 8

Micropython binding for LVGL is now available for LVGL v.8

Where is it?

What’s new?

  • LVGL v8 introduces many improvements and fixes, new scrolling, refactored styles and events and more.
  • Micropython core itself was updated to latest Micropython (master branch). This includes CMake support for the ESP32 port as well as many other improvements.
  • Consolidated event loop. Instead of lvesp32, lvstm32 etc. there is now a single event_loop class under which provides a configurable event loop for all ports (stm32, esp32, linux) and also supports uasyncio.

Migrating from v7

  • Follow the same rules as migrating C to v8.
  • Optionally, configure the event loop before initializing the display driver. If you don’t, it will be started automatically with default values.
  • In case of any difficulties please post a question to this forum.