Animation enhancement

Animation already offers a lot of possibility but maybe we can add more mechanism to cover more needs.

•it would be a good idea to add a new timer into animation struct “playback_time” which correspond to the animation back duration. (from 0, which set obj back to start position, to x). It would add a lot of flexibility on animation.

If we can control these differents timing of an animation, this feature can basically cover a lot of needs:

  • Time before start (also apply if repeat or playback)
  • Time of playback animation
  • Time before repeat or/and before playback

Thanks for this very good library :slight_smile:

It sounds reasonable and probably it can be added to v7.0.

Nice !
do you have a schedule for 7.0 ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably, February/March. But it still can change.

We discuss the v7.0 related things here:
To top comment will be updated when there are any news.

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