Add Support In The Simulator For Additional Options

Great! Let’s wait @napperley’s feedback too.

Using the word port instead of simulator makes sense since in order to use LVGL it has to be ported to a platform first. One thing to keep in mind is to categorise the projects by programming language to avoid unnecessary confusion. LVGL officially supports three programming languages: C, C++, and MicroPython

It is a bit annoying having to delve a bit into one of the project’s to determine which programming language is being used. Just in case one is wondering the language breakdown of a project (eg on Git Hub) isn’t a reliable indicator to determine which programming language a project is primarily written in.

With all respect, I disagree.

I think at some point it is the responsibility of the user to know what they are looking at.

What is unclear about the repo you linked?

The confusing part with the linked repo is that it looks like it applies to every supported programming language when in fact it doesn’t. Only a single language applies to the repo: C

Hmm, maybe I’m biased, but when I see CMakeLists, Makefile, etc… I already tend to assume it’s a C/C++ project.

You are not biased, you are right. I also agree if a project uses Cmake it is likely a c project.

Github also has the breakdown of what % of project is X language, and the eclipse repo clearly says “95.5% C”, besides that, LVGL is a C library so one would assume any project is C or possibly C++ unless otherwise stated.

Either way anyone would just have to read around whether it be documentation or github project and it will be clear what you are looking at.

I think the port language is an excellent modification to clear up any confusion, but nothing else needs to be changed.

I agree that C/C++ can be considered as default.

I started to rename the repos.

cc @MouriNaruto

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